An open letter to our brave COVID-19 frontliners.

This is an open letter from the family at The Rift, as we would like to send our appreciation to all of our brave frontliners! In times of crisis, we’d like to thank our brave men and women who are out there making sure that our basic needs are being met.

To the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, thank you for putting yourselves at risk to provide us with healthcare and ensuring that we get to go home to our families safely.

To the cleaners, thank you for putting yourselves out there to ensure that our neighbourhood’s is hygiene standards is in tip top shape.

To the IT professionals, thank you for keeping our networking technology running so that we may safely work from home and stay in contact with our loved ones that are separated at this time.

To the grocery store workers, delivery workers, thank you for keeping food in stock, and making sure those essential items reaches all of us that are adhering to the Movement Control Order (MCO).

To our government, who is trying their best to help the country #flattenthecurve to ensure that we do not suffer a shortage of medical equipment, food, and other essential items, as well as supporting us financially during this tough period, we’d like to say thank you.

Without all of you, we may not be able to tide through this pandemic together. From the bottom of everyone’s hearts at The Rift, thank you for your contribution to our comfort while we stay at home for you. Thank you for staying at work for all of us!

It is a turbulent time for all of us. Without them, there wouldn’t be comfort for us at home so let’s take a moment to share in the pain of those who have sacrificed their time, energy, and comfort for us. Let’s take a moment to appreciate our brave frontliners.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic, may you soon find calm and peace in your hearts. For those who are separated from their families due to the nature of their jobs, may you power through this pandemic, we are all cheering for you! For those who are stuck overseas, we hope you keep safe and we will see you again soon.

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