Stuck at home without gym equipment? Fit-tech is here to save the day!

With the ongoing lock down due to COVID-19, our movement is now restricted to the necessities. In turn, many of us have to sacrifice our gym routine. Usually, we exercise because we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, to some, they may not have the luxury of skipping their daily workout because their mental health depends on it. For others, exercise is also used for physical therapy. This is where technology steps in with the hopes of supporting the need for exercising by building a gym at home.

Technology is important now more than ever. Classes, shopping, and training are now conducted online and gyms are no different. As the spread of COVID-19 increases, they have started to conduct physical trainings through Zoom on top of pushing out follow-along video courses. These are perfect alternatives to keep fit at home aside from going to the gym. However, for those of you who own a VR headset at home, you also get to game and workout at the same time! With a great range of VR games, you’ll be drenched with sweat by the end of it!

Beat Saber (PC VR / PSVR)

Fit-tech - Beat Saber

Anyone with a VR headset is no stranger to the title that drove the sales of headsets. Playing a couple of songs in Beat Saber is guaranteed to make you sweat. Give it a few weeks and you’ll notice that your arms are perhaps a little bigger than you last remember…? Nonetheless, it’s a good title with plenty of song packs already released. What’s more, if you mod your game, you get access to a large library of community generated maps!

Pistol Whip (PC VR / PSVR)

Fit-tech: Pistol Whip

The latest title in the VR rhythm game genre is Pistol Whip. If you want a good lower body workout, check out Pistol Whip! It may not look like much at first glance, but after playing just a few levels on Hard (not even Expert yet…), we could already feel the soreness the next day. The amount of walls and bullet dodging it forces you to do is what you need if you’re looking for a good leg workout.

Synth Riders (PC VR)

Working out doesn’t have to be all hard work and no play! When you play Synth Riders, not only will you be sweating, but you’ll be dancing too! Compared to Beat Saber, this game allows for more self-expression and enjoyment of the music of your choice! So go ahead and dance like nobody is watching! You can either choose from ready-made songs, or custom maps from the community as well!

Creed: Rise to Glory (PC VR / PSVR / Oculus Quest)

Fit-tech: Creed

Maybe you’d like a little more ‘boxing’ to go with your gym sessions. Creed: Rise to Glory might just be the best boxing VR game out there. Follow Adonis Creed’s rise to the top. Choose to fight your way through the campaign to become a world-class fighter or duke it out with other people online. Break out a sweat against an intricately build universe with emcees, reactive crowds, and intense visual effects when you fight!

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo)

If you have a Nintendo Switch, we know you’re all likely either making costumes and visiting each other’s islands in Animal Crossing. Why not fire up Ring Fit Adventure and get some workout done? Pick up your gear and be ready to decimate enemies through the power of exercise!

Wii Sports (Wii)

Fit-tech: Wii Sports

Gear up with Wii Sports and get some light workout done. It may not be as intense as the rest of the previous titles but at least you’re getting a good workout. Choose from the choice to play tennis, baseball, boxing, golf, or bowling to burn those calories!

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