Gear up and take part in this 3 versus 3 battle!
Fight against the enemy team with fireballs and protect your team mates with well-placed shields.
Strategize to beat your opponents by adjusting your skills and abilities in the menu.

Attraction Cost: 1 Credit

Height Limit: above 110 cm

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Energy Ball

Raise your arm to first charge and then throw energy balls. When you run out of energy balls, raise your arm again to re-charge and create a new supply.

The Shield

Deploy shields by lowering your arm to charge, and then quickly raise it. The shield will block your opponent’s energy balls while its strength holds. Once a shield runs out of power, you’ll need to repeat the shield charging process.


Dodge incoming energy balls thrown by the competition from across the court. When all four of your life “petals” are knocked out, it’s scored as a point for the other team.


When playing in two vs. two, three vs. three team competitions, your game strategy becomes even more important. You’ll need to continually coordinate with your teammate(s), and react to the competition’s moves.

Level 2

Enter The Rift