Home Workout Routines without any equipment

Quarantine is hard especially when you are used to an active lifestyle. Now instead of hanging out with friends, visiting the newest cafes, and going to the gym, our days are replaced with Netflix, games, and endless social media scrolling. Some of us have also taken up the habit of making delicious dishes, showing off our arts and crafts, and our daily workout routines. Where some of us may be lucky enough to own a few gym equipment at home like a treadmill or dumbbells, some don’t so here is a list of what you can do to keep your body fit and healthy while stuck at home without the need for any gym equipment!

Before you start your physical activity, it is always recommended that you stretch and warm up your body first! It can be anything simple like jumping jacks, kicking and punching the air, or running around the room you are in. This is to ensure that your muscles are adequately warmed up to prevent injury and is ready for the workout. Now let’s start!

Online coaching videos

Most of us do not have access to private coaches. Some online coaching videos even require a membership subscription before we can access their material. However, there are plenty of video materials out there that are free that we can refer to when exercising. In most of these videos, they teach us how to exercise step-by-step. NerdFitness Academy is a good example of how online fitness coaching videos work. Here they show us how to do warm ups properly to avoid injuries.

Some work-arounds that you can consider if you don’t have gym equipment at home:

          Use a milk carton jug or anything equally as heavy with a good handle as dumbbells

          Use the side of a bed/sofa for inclined push-ups

YouTube has plenty of videos that you can explore and here is another example of a full-fledged 30 minutes workout with examples on how you should do them.

App-based exercises

Why watch through an entire 15 to 60 minutes video when you can read about the steps beforehand and then apply it yourself? There are plenty of apps on the app store that you can download and try. Some of them will have calendars so you can check off the days where you actually work out. In a way, this shows you your progress and holds you accountable when you have a calendar day dedicated to working out that you didn’t check off. For example, Workout Trainer, or Nike Training Club offers courses that you can follow either by listening or reading their instructions.

For the ones who are still busy working at home, check out 7 Minute Workout! The name basically explains what the workout routine is going to be like. If you can spare 5 minutes to snack, you can spare an additional 2 minutes on top of that. Just 7 minutes a day to get your heart pumping, not that hard, right?

Another great home workout app is Adidas Training and Running by Runtastic. Though it is clearly a marketing tool for Adidas, it’s also chock full of free audio and video guides to get you sweating! You can select which muscle group you’d like to focus on and then create a workout that fits your schedule. Hold yourself accountable by joining challenges and comparing your workout activity to your friends.

Working out is different for everyone and you should find a routine that suits you best. Whether that routine is a simple workout, full-fledged calisthenics, or even app-based routines, as long as you are moving often and keeping fit that is a win!

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