#LYTV: The Rift AR/VR Adventure Park

Virtual and augmented reality have taken off quite a bit in recent times, and if you’d like to experience them for yourself, you can do so right here in Malaysia. Here’s a quick look at The Rift, a new AR/VR adventure park located in Mid Valley.

Set to be officially opened next month in January 2018, The Rift offers a wide range of AR and VR activities. These include Zero Latency, a free-roaming VR shooter, Hado PVP – and even Hado Monster Battle – as well as a “VR roller coaster” experience, Hurricane VR.

To learn more about The Rift, check out our coverage of the media preview right here. Although it’s only officially opening next month, The Rift is actually operational right now – it’s also running several promotional packages.

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