Motion Blaster

Featuring the world’s most advanced targeting system, compete with your friends on scoring the
most points by shooting up the most number of monsters while avoiding harming the innocents!

Attraction Cost: 2 Credits

Height Limit: Above 110 cm

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The city is under siege! Gruesome Gigamon monsters are on the attack and must be stopped! Embark on an epic, adrenaline-fueled chase and battle these reptilian monsters before it’s too late. Collect points and save the city from ultimate doom!


Balthazar Salazar is at it again! Only now he has an army of cowboys to help him. Head on a wild pursuit in the great American West by wagon, train and river raft, and stop this mad scientist in his tracks!


London. Turn of the century. A poisonous gas released into the air is turning civilians into ferocious beings. As the creatures gain in numbers they leave behind a trail of chaos and destruction! We must battle the beasts that hunt us down and purge the city of their creator.

Level 2

Enter The Rift