Multiplayer games to play when you’re at home

Stuck at home with nothing to do? Check out these multiplayer games.

In view of the recent outbreak, our country was forced to go into lockdown mode. Many who are stuck at home are finding it difficult to pass the time during this period of time. Suddenly, the free time opened up by lesser travel times are now vacant and full of possibilities… as long as it is within the confines of your own home.
However, many start to feel isolated or lonely. Are you feeling it too? Aside from working or attending classes from home, gaming at home may be the refuge we all seek for the time being. Therefore, during this time, it’s important to spend some quality time with friends and family. If you’re thinking of exploring multiplayer or VR games, here are some positively received games to start you off with!

multiplayer games - deceit

Looking for a little bit of excitement in the midst of a dreary afternoon? Check out Deceit. It’s an action-filled, horror multiplayer online game that pits you and your friends against each other. Your job is to escape the map and figure out who amongst you is infected with a strain of virus with murderous tendencies. Test your instincts in trust and deception in this game. Want to know what the best part is? It’s free to play!

multiplayer games - vrchat

Gaming at home doesn’t mean that you are stuck. Whenever you feel like seeing your friends, hop into VRChat! This free social platform on Steam is best experienced in virtual reality (VR) mode. If you do not have access to VR equipment, fret not as you can play it on desktop mode as well! No VR required! Meet your friends in VRChat and traverse multiple community made worlds to satisfy your wanderlust. Aside from that, you can also play DnD games, or even have a movie marathon! Whatever you fancy, there are definitely rooms available to suit your taste!

multiplayer - synth riders

Zoom – possibly everyone’s go-to video conferencing tool for the work from home-rs. Host meetings, conferences, or webinars on Zoom with up to 1000 participants or up to 10,000 viewers! It boasts the ability for seamless communication that you feel like your team mates are in the same room. However, for those who prefer their privacy, you can check out the Virtual Background function (no green screen needed!).

multiplayer games - arizona sunshine

Quoted as “the team playbook”, organize your projects, road maps, or to-do lists on Trello. If you’re one who loves lists, then you will love using Trello. With their intuitive lists, cards, and boards, go from planning to execution in mere seconds! It’s even more enhanced when you can assign tasks to team members and deadlines. Set up rule based triggers with the bot and let the Butler take over the information automation across your entire team’s Trello platform!

multiplayer games - keep talking & nobody explodes

Lastly, we have Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes. The best part about this game is you only need one copy for you and your buddies to play together. One of you will be playing the role of the Bomb Defuser either in VR or on desktop. In the meantime, your friends refers to the bomb defusal manual to guide you through the bomb defusal process. The catch? As the bomb defuser, you are not allowed to look at the manual. Test your communication skill and make sure you don’t crack under pressure!

If you’re playing on PC, all of the games above can be found on Steam.

Now remember to stay safe, wash your hands frequently, and duduk diam diam and game at home to release stress, ok?

multiplayer games - gaming at home

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