To ensure customer safety, we have implemented a number of safety procedures for The Rift you can see what our staff is doing to keep you safe below:-

We know all our customers have been waiting for all our attractions to open. However to ensure the safety and security of all customers, we have opted not to open all our attractions. We will be able to open them gradually as we can ensure that it can be operated with your safety in mind. Currently open attractions are as follows:-

  1. Hurricane VR
  2. Sandbox VR
  3. Run the River VR
  4. Zero Latency
  5. VR Adventure
  6. Motion Blaster
  7. Dimension 13
  8. Raceroom

On weekends, we will be running the following extra attractions:-

  1. Terminator X

There are still enough attractions to have a great time at The Rift. Stay tuned for the announcement of when your favourite attraction can be opened!