The Rift Opens Its Door: A Hybrid Theme Park Featuring VR, AR, eSports and more

Due to the recent surge of interest and technology advancements within the virtual reality industry, several VR centers and theme parks have begun to pop up in Malaysia in recent years. The latest in the list is an establishment called The Rift which is the biggest such center we’ve seen in our country so far.

Occupying a 40,000 square feet space on the northern part of Mid Valley Megamall’s third floor, to call The Rift as a straight-forward VR center or theme park seems slightly inaccurate though. This is due to the fact that VR is just one of the several immersive technologies that are being used at the park.

Hence, The Rift can generally be deemed more as a hybrid theme park since augmented reality and video games as well as physical thrill rides are also being featured at the park. Clear enough, the technologies are not exactly the focal point of The Rift but it was more about the experiences that visitors are able to enjoy over there.

Among the attractions that available at The Rift are:

The world-famous Zero Latency, a free-roaming VR experience that originated from Melbourne, Australia. Three type of contents are available for the ZL installation at The Rift: Zombie Survival horde shooter, Singularity space shooter, and Engineerium puzzle adventure.

Hado Monster Battle: fight against several monsters through this fun AR setup, either alone or with several friends.

Instead of monsters, there is also the Hado PvP which allows visitors to battle against themselves in 3vs3 format. Also features adjustable attributes that are shown on a secondary display, strapped to visitors’ hand.

Hurricane VR: roller-coaster fun meets VR.

Motion Blaster: a 4D shoot-em-up ride, complete with individual score sheets.

VR Adventure: maze adventure, set in VR world.

RaceRoom: racing simulator, with support for multiplayer.

HoloDek: turning the space into game arena.

Two-seater VR Cinema Simulator, available for all visitors at The Rift.

We also noticed that visitors can try out Star Wars: Jedi Challenges at The Rift as well.

A number of arcade games also made their appearance at The Rift, for those who seek some nostalgia.

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While The Rift already begun to open its doors to visitors since last week, there are still a number of attractions that are yet to be opened to public including its E Zone eSports arena, The Drop indoor bungie jump, The Rift Junior children playground, and TerminatorX Laser Battle although we were informed that these attractions should be ready for public as The Rift gets close to its upcoming grand launch event that is scheduled to take place sometime in January 2018.

In terms of pricing, it depends on the type of packages that visitors choose to purchase when they visit The Rift. Currently priced at RM 98, The Rift complete package offers access to Motion Blaster, VR Adventure, HoloWall, RaceRoom, Hado Monster Battle, Hado PvP, HoloDek, and Zero Latency.

The bungee cable for The Drop is clearly visible up on the air.

TerminatorX Laser Battle is among upcoming attraction at The Rift.

Alternatively, visitors can also opt for the Exit Reality package which is currently being offered at RM 55. This particular package allows them to enjoy all the attractions within The Rift complete package with the exception of Zero Latency. Do note that both packages also provide access to E Zone and The Leap once they are opened to public.

The Rift has also come out with a kids-friendly package called Junior Reality package for visitors between 7 to 11 years old. For RM 30, its allows access to HoloWall, Motion Blaster, Hado Monster Battle, and HoloDek as well as the upcoming The Rift Junior zone.

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The children’s section at The Rift, coming soon.

For visitors that just want to enjoy Zero Latency, the stand-alone experience is currently being priced at RM 52. The same option is also available for the TerminatorX Laser Battle although the admission price for it is not yet available at the moment. All the pricings that were mentioned here are valid until the end of February 2018.

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