Work From Home: Communication & collaboration is key

Check out these 5 apps to help you stay organized.

Many Malaysians are now forced to work from home to adhere to our government’s call for social distancing. For many, this is a novel concept. Staying organized and staying focused might be hard when you are working from home. It’s especially difficult when distractions are beckoning you to come entertain them.

However, all is not lost! The internet is a wonderful place with its myriad of apps that guarantees to help you stay productive, and organized. Check out this list of tools that will help you maximize your time when you work from home. You can click on the titles to go to their respective web pages to learn more.

Work from home - Quip

First on the list is Quip. With its unlimited storage when you subscribe, you don’t have to worry about where you need to send and download large files from. Quip allows you to save everything on the cloud so that you can collaborate with your team mates in real time! What’s more, with its integrated chat system, you can reach out to your colleagues in the sidebar with just a couple clicks. Other functions within Quip include assigning tasks and deadlines to your team by tagging them, external app integrations (eg. Dropbox). Aside from that, a private work space is available too for when you are brewing your master plan before you’d like to show it to your team. For a truly seamless experience, Quip also has a mobile app that will allow you to check in when you’re on-the-go!

This is also what The Rift’s staff is using now for cloud collaboration tasks (totally not because we miss each other 😢).

Work from home - Notion
Work from home - Notion

If you want something beautifully designed, minimalist yet powerful, check out Notion! Both it’s desktop and mobile app functions smoothly and you don’t have to worry especially when you’re moving about (in this case, probably from your computer to your bathroom 🤣). Whether you require a simple to-do list, a word document, or a lightweight CRM, Notion has got you covered! With everything neatly tucked away, your workflow is about to get a lot tidier!

Work from home - Zoom

Zoom – possibly everyone’s go-to video conferencing tool for the work from home-rs. Host meetings, conferences, or webinars on Zoom with up to 1000 participants or up to 10,000 viewers! It boasts the ability for seamless communication that you feel like your team mates are in the same room. However, for those who prefer their privacy, you can check out the Virtual Background function (no green screen needed!).

Work from home - Trello

Quoted as “the team playbook”, organize your projects, road maps, or to-do lists on Trello. If you’re one who loves lists, then you will love using Trello. With their intuitive lists, cards, and boards, go from planning to execution in mere seconds! It’s even more enhanced when you can assign tasks to team members and deadlines. Set up rule based triggers with the bot and let the Butler take over the information automation across your entire team’s Trello platform!

Work from home - Rescuetime

Working from home is vulnerable to plenty of distractions. The bed beckons, notifications from your social media is popping up right and left. “It’s no harm scrolling for a bit, right?”, you thought to yourself. Next thing you know, half an hour has passed. This is where RescueTime comes in! Download the software and gain a better insight on how you spend your time. It tracks the websites and programs you visit or open and how long you spend on each. This is to ensure that you are actually spending your time working on what actually matters during your work hours.


Work from home - Habitica

Most of the staff in The Rift are gamers and for gamers, we love our in-game incentives whether it be in the form of XPs, gold, or powerful items. Why should it be any different in real life? Achieve real life goals one XP at a time with Habitica! Habitica splits up tasks into 3 categories: Habits, Daily, and Tasks. Completing your to-do list will grant you gold that you can then use to purchase equipment chests. You can even join a party and defeat party bosses by completing Dailies together! My favourite part about this is that you are held accountable for your tasks. Failure to complete tasks while in a party will result in damage being dealt to all. Therefore, make sure you complete your list before the deadline!

Whether you choose one of the apps from above or opt to mix and match to suit your needs, the most important thing is to make sure you take appropriate breaks in between working. Don’t stare at the screen for too long in one sitting! Remember to stretch out, hydrate, and work smart! Together, we can get through this lock down together!

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