Zero Latency Weekday Promo


A lot of you have been asking for weekday pricing for Zero Latency and WE HEAR YOU!

From today onward, you can play Zero Latency at ONLY RM60 (excluding Outbreak Origins) any time when we open from Monday to Thursday!

Choose from Zombie Survival, Singularity, Sol Raiders, or Engineerium and prepare to have a high tech fun time at The Rift in our state of the art, free-roaming VR attraction!

Zombie Survival

Defend your position and stand your ground as you gun down the incoming zombies! Also, don’t forget to repair the barricades to help you defend your position better and be sure to use the elevators to gain height advantage as you decimate the incoming zombie hoard!


You are being sent on a space excursion to investigate the happenings on an abandoned space station. Armed with only your gun and shield, will you ever figure out the fate of those on board the space station?

Sol Raiders

Team work is essential in this 4v4 tactical VR shooter set in a post apocalyptic world. The aliens have ravaged our city and left us for dead. However, they also left behind a powerful energy source that will grant us the power of forgotten kings: Sol. If we get our hands on it, we’ve got it made. Work together with your team, battle it out against the enemies for the ultimate power source and rule the world in Sol Raiders!


A gravity-defying experience sure to leave you breathless! Engineerium takes you on a breathtaking, magical journey where you will traipse through beautifully crafted levels to get to the end of the puzzle. Team work makes the dream work!

All these at RM60 per game! Grab your friends! What are you waiting for?

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